Martyna Kramarczyk

I'm Martyna Kramarczyk a Graphic Designer & Photographer born in Poland working & living in United Kingdom.



Martyna Kramarczyk is a Polish multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. Originally raised in Katowice, she now lives and works in United Kingdom.

Martyna had a privilege of working with companies such as Lucasfilm, National History Museum, Aston Martin, Eon Productions, Disney, Warner Bros. Studios, Pinewood Studios DreamWorks, Twentieth Century Fox, Alice Temperley & more.

Martyna is a founder 0f Monopix Studio.  



For the past four years, Martyna has been working as graphic designer for well-known brands and global corporations.

With a background in graphic communication, she has a thorough understanding of how to design and knows what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for freelance graphic designer or you think Martyna could be a great addition to your team or you just want to say hi! drop her an email!


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Martyna loves to photograph in her sparetime. Some of his latest photographs can be found on his Instagram account @monopixstudio.